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Tomoya Tsukamoto                English   Japanese



Kanazawa,Ishikawa prefecture、Japan.1982

Aichi prefecture University of Fine Arts and Music.
Department of oil Painting, Aichi, Japan, B.F.A.

Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Tokyo, Japan, M.F.A.

Lives and works in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan


Solo Exhibitions

2013 “Colors of light ” , Gallery M contemporary art , Aichi , Japan

2012  “ Silhouette ” , Seibu : Shibuya Art gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2011 “ New Landscape ” , Gallery M contemporary art , Aichi , Japan

2006 “ Dispersed light ” Gallery Garaku , Nagoya , Japan

2005 “ Trace” Gallery Garaku , Nagoya , Japan

2004 Haruhi Museum , Aichi , Japan


Selected Group Exihibitions

2013  "Art Revolution Taipei 2013 " , Taipei

2012 Shell Art Award -Artist selection - , The National Art Center, Tokyo

2012 The 11th Gunma Biennale for Young Artists , The Museum of Modern Art , Gunma

2012 FAN DE NAGOYA Art Exhibiton 2012 , Nagoya , Japan

2011 “ FLOWER PAINTING - The second harmony ” LEEAHN Gallery , Changwon , Korea

2010 Kimi Art Gallery , Seoul , Korea

2008 Blue Dot Asia 2008 , Seoul Arts Center , Korea

2008 ART ADVANCE ADACHI 2008 , Theatre 1010 , Tokyo

2007 Graduation Works (Master Course),Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music

2005 Shell Art Award 2005 , Tokyo   

2004 Shell Art Award 2004 , Tokyo



2014 The Young Art Award , Young Art Taipei 2014 , Taiwan

2012  Silver prize , The 1th VAN Contest , Veritas Corporation

2012  GATEAU FESTA HARADA Prize , The 11th Gunma Biennale for Young Artists

2005 The 20th Holbein Scholarship

2005 Sigeo Fukuda Prize , Tokyo National University of fine arts and music

2005 The 1st Prize of Graduation work , Aichi prefecture University of fine arts and music

2003 The Town Prize , The 3rd Yumehiroba Haruhi Painting Biennale , Japan



2009  Public artwork of Kyushu Shinkansen Shin Tosu station , Saga prefecture , Japan

2007  Design for Stage Curtain , Theatre Creation , Toho Co.,Ltd. , Tokyo

2007  Art Projects Minakami , Japan



Minakami Town , Gunma prefecture, Japan


Other Private Collections


Selected Bibliographies

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Yasuko Iba, (note), The 11th Gunma Biennale for Young Artsists, The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma,

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Artist Statement

About the two arts of “not painting”

The technique of my recent work has been to paint multiple thin layers of paint with an airbrush.
The hues used have been the three primary colors.
By using the three primary colors, with the pointillism of Impressionist artists, such as Georges Seurat,
created by ultrafine points made by an airbrush, I am expressing the origin of painting.

The various colors visible from the mixture of various colors, represent “existence”, as it would
visually be seen on our retina, though not physically painted.
The shape is drawn in a way of physiological curved lines and the assembly of points seen in Japanese painting.
Between the silhouettes, various shapes such as the human body are shown to exist and to be visible,
though not physically painted.

I chose to paint such works, because I was inspired by the contemporary Japanese artist, Jiro Takamatsu.
I have succeeded his work in incorporating “the ontology of absence” and using painting as a device of what people “see.”
To achieve such works, I have used the methods as mentioned above,

the existence of color that have not been painted, and

the existence of shapes that have not been painted.

These two arts of “not painting” have been combined into one scene,
and by doing so I hope that I can present a new possibility of “painting” in the history of Art.

Tomoya Tsukamoto



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